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About TMSfoundation

Help Make the World a Better Place

Over the last couple of years, it seems as though GOOD news is hard to come by.  TMSFirst is helping to “Save Lives, Change Lives, and Help Make the World a Better Place” through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.  Our team understands that it takes all of us working together to truly have an impact.

Reaching Out To Local Communities

As such, we partner with organizations in the communities where we live and work (Texas , India and the Philippines) to improve lives and society as a whole – one example – we actively support and are on the board of Redeemed Ministries (RedM) in Houston along with members of the oil and gas industry , trucking industry, defense industry and high-tech industry

Saving Lives Changing Lives

RedM is the most successful Human & Sex Trafficking recovery program in North America and impacts lives by providing the tools and education to transition into normal everyday lives. Join Tim Sensenig and Rick Gonzalez at the video to learn more about TMSfirst philanthropy.

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